Program Highlights

What is success?

To have come to terms with oneself, including intellect, To have learned how to learn anything, To have a broadened perspective of the world, And, to be able to think critically about it.

UTP Graduate, 1995

The University Transition Program offers a wide range of academic studies and learning opportunities, including collaborations that are unique to the program. The school is situated on the UBC campus, allowing students to gain familiarity with the campus before they officially enter university and preparing them for a smooth and comfortable adjustment to the UBC culture of learning and university citizenship.  Student learning extends to UBC facilities ranging from campus libraries, museums and advanced research facilities to working in Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs as well interacting with UBC Professors and graduate students. Students also have the chance to explore university courses, visit research centers, and attend on campus events, collecting information that can aid them in choosing programs of study.  Each student is provided with a UBC student card enabling access to the extensive UBC library system for research projects and understanding of university infrastructure and systems that will support their learning when they achieve entrance to UBC.


Field trips afford students opportunities to apply and explore the knowledge they are developing over the course of their intensive learning and developmental trajectories. In addition to the orientation camp and numerous local activities the program offers two major field trips. Biennially, Transition travels to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre on Vancouver Island to explore issues and research related to marine biology.  The Bamfield learning experiences followed by camping at Pachena Bay and hiking the West Coast Trail have been highly acclaimed by UTP students over the decades. On alternate years the UTP staff collaborate with parents and students to plan a school wide International Global Citizenship Educational Tour to promote deep understanding of world history, art, architecture and cultural diversity and to enhance communication and analysis of social issues and appreciate the different perspectives that inform global problem solving.  Reflections on experiences help students to develop maturity and learn how they can help all societies to flourish. Previously visited destinations include: England, France, representing Canada at the VIMY 100 celebrations, Italy, Greece, Russia, Germany, and the Czech Republic and most recently the British Isles. By invitation University Transition Students together with representative students from 15 countries participated in the Asia-Pacific Forum on Science for gifted adolescents. Each trip is planned to provide maximum educational and social emotional value.