Perspective of a Year One, Ashley Lin (2015).

The yellow door, covered in pink flower decals and announcing in bold, white letters, “University Transition Program” is, metaphorically, my door to goals, learning, and success. I feel like just the start of Transition itself has been a journey. I think the other Year Ones would agree with me when I say that in the short four weeks that we have been in school, our world has changed dramatically. Before becoming a part of the tightly knit Transition community, I thought the environment of the program would be incredibly competitive. Instead, I discovered that we are all working together to help each other reach our goals, teachers included. The amount of thought put into the May 2015 Reunion by everyone is just proof of how far these relationships formed in Transition can take us; even after branching off into our own paths in life, we are still all parts of the same tree. For me, the decision to come to Transition instead of regular high school was the biggest leap in my life journey so far. As a person of many interests, taking this admittedly phenomenal opportunity meant dedicating myself to a life that revolves around academics. But now that I’m here, I don’t regret this decision at all. I hope that the Reunion event will give me a chance to meet the people who are thriving in their fields and have succeeded in the journey I have embarked on. I hope to gain some insight as to where this road will take me, and to see new pathways that can lead me to making more good choices.